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The Beet Factory - Illustration, Artwork, Screenprinting
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About Us

The Beet Factory is an illustration and screen printing focused foundry of art and working artists.

What The Hell Does That Mean?

We make cool shit for you and your business.


Whatever you need for your project; comics, cartoons, realistic, caricature, etc. We love drawing!

Screen Printing

Need a hand-made poster? T-shirts? Let us design it and print it for you.

That Random Idea You Had?

Need some creative work on that random idea you had? Let us make it reality.

Graphic Design

Yeah, we do that too. Probably better than that one agency that only hires tight pant wearing fresh design graduates who have never picked up a pencil or brush with the intention to create something in their entire lives, and only went into Graphic Design because their parents encouraged them after seeing them Photoshop funny cat memes. Probably.

Basic Website Development and Maintenance

We can help you build your website into an easily maintained template, or we can maintain it for you.

Social Media Managing and Promoting

Need a little help figuring out how to Twadle your Tweets? Swang your Instagram? Ping your Facebook? We do that.

Our Work

Bear with us, we are still gathering our portfolio.

Fun Facts


Bottles of Beer


Record Rotations


Not Two



Latest News


This could be you if you let us fondle your account.

Let’s Connect

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