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What We Do - The Beet Factory
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Illustration, Art, and Design

Our roots are in traditional illustration, and the body of our work reflects this.  Whether it is designing portraits for the New York Times, illustrating children’s books with Simon & Schuster, or designing and hand-carving illustrated tables for the local cider mill, our illustration, art, and design capabilities are diverse and varied.

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Screen Printing

University trained in traditional screen printing techniques, we have been printing and designing artwork, posters, and clothing for nearly two decades.

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Artwork (Miscellaneous)

We’ve done, built, and created a lot of strange stuff in our time.  Custom made print-making, murals, sculpture.  If you have an idea and need someone to bring it to life, give us a shot at it.

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Social Marketing, Promotion, and Branding

We have been branding and promoting small businesses, artists, and websites for over a decade.  Whether you are looking to gather some new fans for your website or establish a new national holiday, we have the know-how and experience to forge your online presence however you need.

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Basic Website Building and Maintenance

We aren’t code monkeys, but we do know our way around some HTML.  We can build, design, and maintain your website to whatever needs your business may have.

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