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Artwork (Miscellaneous) - The Beet Factory
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Artwork (Miscellaneous)

Have a creative idea but no idea how to execute it?  Let us make it a reality.


We have done and made some strange stuff in our time, and we love a challenge.  With 20+ years of experience in the arts field, if we can’t do it, we know the people who can.


Some examples of what we have or could do:

Illustrative Projects

Custom illustrated tabletops, custom paintings, etc..

Murals and Large Scale Painting

Need to spice up that dull wall?

That Random Idea You Had?

Need some creative work on that random idea you had? Let us make it reality.

Interpretive Dance

Need someone to parade around your dinner party whilst wearing a lobster outfit, speaking in old English, and displaying 80's dance moves. Just a normal Saturday night for us...

Cat Walking

The Beet Factory holds the patent on the only hands-free cat walking holster in North America. Let us take your cat for a walk, he will love you for it.


Need some promotion goodness? Let us design and print a shirt to go with that badass mustache you've been sporting all Movember.