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Screenprinting - The Beet Factory
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Screen printing is a craft.  Screen prints can be highly collectible promotional items, especially when featuring original artwork.


We love screen printing, it runs fervently in our blood.  You know that color that sensitizer turns when you activate it?  Or that smell of opening a fresh can of ink?  The feeling of squeegee running across a taut screen?  Yeah, we love all that.


Let us do what we love and screen print cool stuff for you.

Screen printing jobs are based on quantity. Creative work is billed on an hourly basis depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact us, describe what you are looking for, and let us get you a quote.
Poster Printing

Looking for a hand-printed custom poster for an upcoming event? Rock & Roll gig poster? City Festival? Let us design and print it.

T-Shirt Printing

Let us do a custom design and print t-shirts (or other clothing) for your business or special event.

That Random Idea You Had?

Need some creative work on that random idea you had? Let us make it reality.