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Social Media Management and Marketing

Do you need help setting up your social media?  Looking to develop a clear strategy for your online marketing?  Or are you looking for someone to manage all aspects of your online presence? Big or small, we can handle your social media needs.


How much time do you spend answering inquisitive emails?  Interacting with potential or loyal customers on Facebook?  Tweeting or retweeting?  How much of this time would you rather be doing what you love?


Effective use of social media will reflect the business’s brand and strategy.  Let us manage and develop this for you, tailored to your businesses needs.

One time fees for social media consultation and setup vary in price.

Ongoing management and promotion will be billed monthly, we have several packages with different levels of complexity and cost available.

Please contact us with your needs for more information.

Examples of how we can help:

Get Started Package

Just need someone to show you the ropes? Let us set up and get you started with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Monthly Social Promotions

Engage your audience with a monthly give-away of a t-shirt, artwork, or product. Let us make, build, and manage your custom promotion.

Customized Content

Customized and relevent content posting add value, trust, and authentic engagement between your business and the customers.

Customer Enagement

Don't have time to answer every Facebook post or Twitter tweet? Let us engage and build relationships with your customers with the professionalism or snark that you desire.

Cross-Media Updates

Updating one social platform should not mean neglecting another. Keep your customers up-to-date and interacting with your business news on any and all platforms.

Audience Building

Watch your audience base grow with our specialized plans to seek out and develop your social presence.